Historical Atlas Map of Tulare County

DETAILS:262 pp, hardbound, 2006
AUTHOR: Thomas H. Thompson
ISBN: 1-892622-29-7

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The Thompson Historical Atlas Map of Tulare County is a fine example of a contemporary reprint of a historic county atlas. Originally published in 1892, the atlas is a marvelous representation of Tulare County’s rich history, set in lithography and cartography.
The maroon-colored leather cover is stamped with beautiful gold lettering.
Includes full page maps and illustratrations of local properties and businesses.

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1 review for Historical Atlas Map of Tulare County

  1. Allan Fifield

    More a work of art than a book. An outstanding reproduction in all aspects. As a long-term employee in a large printing plant, I appreciate the top work than went into the cover, endsheets, and every page of content. All B/W (actually looks like Engravers Brown) to me. I have seen some references to a small number of 4C inserts in the original edition. These are not included. But an original edition with those appears to run $400 to $1000 on Amazon. A must have for any serious historian of early Tulare County.

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