Death Valley ‘49ers

The tortuous journey from Salt Lake City to San Fernando Valley is discussed by Author Frank Latta

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The heroic trek of the ‘49er parties into the depths of Death Valley is the subject of this book which deals with the importance of this tortuous journey from Salt Lake City to San Fernando Valley as seen through the bravery of the participants rather than in the details of the day-by-day stages and camps. Frank Latta had this in mind in preparing this volume and his research had as its purpose the selection of the human episodes from the numerous available letters and records, most of which previously had been passed over by former writers, and to give credit to the almost neglected heroism and fortitude of Mrs. Brier and others who previously had received so little credit. For this, if for no other reason, his book should prove of great interest in emphasizing the sturdy fortitude and dogged spirit of those early Americans who overcame seemingly insurmountable obstacles in their efforts to build a new and great nation. 2003

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