Bakersfield Picture Album Volume 2

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A second volume of wonderful historical photographs from Bakersfield’s forgotten past with scenes of the city from the past. As with the first volume, this has become a classic photographic album. This volume shows photographs mostly from the early Twentieth Century including images from the 1952 earthquake in aftershock that severely damaged the area.

Bear State Books, in Exeter, has released another publication, The Bakersfield Picture Album, Volume 2, by Chris Brewer, in paperback. Brewer published the original volume, the Bakersfield and Kern Picture Album in 1986, with Don Pipkin, as one of several historical books on the San Joaquin Valley. The new volume, the second of a series, is one a wonderful resource for historical imagery on the Bakersfield area of Kern County and is becoming a steadfast seller in bookstores and on the world-wide-web. The book is easy to read, has great photographic reproductions and is loaded with great information on the area.

Chris Brewer published another volume of historical photographs on the Bakersfield entitled Bakersfield’s Photographic Past in 1998 to supplement the 1986 Bakersfield and Kern Picture Album. Future historic photographic books are also scheduled.

Bear State Books has printed the book in softbound for ease of handling and reading. It is a “must have” for those who are interested in the early days of Bakersfield. The book is packed full of history and images. At $19.95 in softbound, the book will be a permanent fixture in local libraries for years to come.

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