North Fork Country

Bob Powers continues his look at the people in the Kern River Area.
AUTHOR: Bob Powers
Dimensions: 9 x 12 inches. 160 pp., hardbound, dw, 2003.
ISBN 1-892622-23-8.
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When Bob Powers authored his previous South Fork Country he succeeded to translating the rural settlements, the valleys, the canyons and the colorful characters of the lower Kern River area into an unforgettable saga of mountain-bound America. Because the book sang truthfully and intimately, it went into two printings.

North Fork Country is the story of Old Kernville (now sleeping beneath the waters of Lake Isabella), Tilly Creek, the newer Kernville and the more ancient villages, ranches, camps and mountain hideaways strung like bucolic heads along the Kern’s valleyed thread of the mountainous North Fork. The pages of this book are rich with tales of the heroic, lovable, and sometimes strange people who for generations have inhabited this center of rugged and isolated grandeur, More than two hundred rare and historic photographs bring the region and its people alive. Here are the ranchers, merchants, miners, preachers, outlaws and sheriffs. Here for the first time is detailed the drama of its once populous Indian citizenry, and the bloody massacre which ended their historical sojourn.


Author Bob PowersABOUT THE AUTHOR: Bob Powers is pictured above bringing cattle out of the huh country. Bob was born in Old Kernville, the hub of North Fork Country, and is the fifth generation in his family to have lived in the Kern River Valley. With this background, he feels the same kinship towards the kindly old-timers that he has for the mountains, valleys and streams that make up this picturesque country where he has spent his life.

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