The Truth Behind “Ceasar’s Wife Must Be Above All Suspicion”

In the life of Julius Caesar of Plutarch, there is a story that, due to ridiculous rumors, Julius Caesar divorced his wife (Pompeia). Caesar said in the trial that he knew nothing about his wife’s rumors of adultery but claimed that she was divorced because she “should not be suspected”. In a sense, Caesar is […]

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In the life of Julius Caesar of Plutarch, there is a story that, due to ridiculous rumors, Julius Caesar divorced his wife (Pompeia). Caesar said in the trial that he knew nothing about his wife’s rumors of adultery but claimed that she was divorced because she “should not be suspected”. In a sense, Caesar is saying that the suspicious behavior of his wife will not harm her status, prestige, or reputation. At the time, Cesare was an ambitious and robust politician (Pontifex Maximus) and did not want rumors of his partners to hinder his career.

Caesar provided no evidence against Clodius during the trial and was acquitted. However, Cesare divorced from Pompeia and said, “My wife shouldn’t even be under suspicion.” That gave rise to the saying: “Caesar’s wife must be above suspicion “. in this article we will explain the various meanings of this historical phrase, its history, some examples from today’s life and what people think about it.

What does the phrase indicate?

This phrase is frequently used to refer to people or actions that are not contaminated by moral defects. The word “above suspicion” has become part of English idioms and is often used to imply the shadow of doubt about the truth of things. However, it is incorrect to quote sentences in the format described here. For Julius Caesar’s wife Pompeia, the wife of Julius Cesar, was not above suspicion. On the contrary, the great Roman divorced her because the public strongly suspected her involvement in the “relationship” with Caesars (if not Caesar himself).

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In another interpretation, this also means that people associated with public figures cannot be held accountable for what they do. Though this phrase can also be used to refer to women. In this case, this phrase means that you are not responsible for your husband’s actions. Therefore, the woman must be “above suspicion” about the responsibility of her husband (or other men around her).

In any case, this phrase teaches that people must be responsible for their actions, and those around them are not responsible for the actions they have not taken. It also teaches that those in power should use that power responsibly and make no mistakes.

Origin of the phrase “Caesar’s Wife Must Be Above Suspicion.”

This sentence comes directly from the story about the Roman ruler Caesar the Great. Clodius is one of the “smart groups” of Roman society: “as ‘insolent,” Plutarch said: “as he was wealthy.” On a religious festival dedicated to women in memory of the goddess “Bona” (Greek: “Gynaika”), Clodius, disguised as a woman, contrived, by the help of Pompeia’s maid, to obtain access to the house of Cesar. He was spotted by a girl while waiting for the “mistress” and avoiding the lights, encourages him to play with her. His voice betrayed him, and the frightened girl screamed into the bright apartment. Found hidden in the maid’s room, Claudius was dragged into the street without much courtesy.

Rome soon buzzed with excited gossip. Caesar abandoned his wife and avoided publicly blaming Clodius, but Clodius was still wanted for his public conscience and his sins against the gods. When Caesar was asked to explain the apparent paradox of divorce with his wife in a public examination, he replied, despite not blaming his wife’s sympathy: Therefore, when using this event as a metaphor to explain an argument or emphasize morality, one must carefully say: “Like Caesar’s wife, should be above suspicion.”

This origin story fits a way of using the phrase today. However, over time, the phrase has taken on many different meanings, some of which have nothing to do with Caesar’s accurate interpretation.

Examples of the phrase (most common)

Some may say that the governor and wife can no longer take office after the wife has done something shameful. It could be said, the governor’s companion must be above suspicion, so they can no longer take office.

Another example from a real case

The theme of the story is comparing her husband to Caesar, as Ms. Little insists on imposing the death penalty on a man, and that is the theme of the story. So, after Mrs. Little flirted with Ronald Perry, Sir Arthur told his wife that she was like Caesar’s wife and that she should be above suspicion.

Reference in India’s Supreme Court

For the judges of the Supreme Court of India, presiding over the meeting and protecting themselves from sexual harassment cases is the highest manifestation of shameful judicial action and the basic principles of natural justice, and it is completely violated. In the scandal that followed the scandal, none of the approximately 20 judges who repeatedly claimed to be equal spoke about the insult of the Supreme Court. Soon after that, the same judge presiding over the university issued a ruling in support of the ruling considered to be supported by the government. The judge retired and then was offered and accepted a place in Rajya Sabha. Caesar’s wife (we thought she was not to blame) was found sleeping with a stranger. It is a scandal. There is no mention of scandals.

Another judge praised the head of government shamefully and exaggeratedly. The judge will hear the proceedings against the government. The judge then decides whether to discuss the judge’s scandal and hold the court responsible for the scandal. The actions of the rest of the judges are more frustrating than personal actions. No one disagreed with the brothers’ scandalous behaviour. This quiet Freemasonry raises public suspicion as to the motive for pushing the national Supreme Court.


Caesar’s wife must be above suspicion, which can mean all sorts of things. You may be innocent, but if your actions are rarely due to suspicious misconduct, you cannot escape. “Public figures should not be suspected of improper conduct. The primary meaning is a high level of guilt. For those who want to overcome suspicions, the next requirement is a divorce from the wife (or the assets). That would give any at all rise to suspicion. We hope this article benefited you to understand everything about this phrase and its use in life.

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