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California Indians

Indian Country of the Tubatulabal

History of a tribe located on the Kern River.

DETAILS: 9 x 12 inches, 103 pp., hardbound, dw, 2003.

ISBN 1-892622-24-6.

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Indian Country is a gentle story. It chronicles the life style of a little known tribe of hunters-and gatherers who followed the waters of’ Kern as they threaded through high country meadows and coursed down the canyons of southern Sierra Nevada. The Tubatulabals were among the most primitive Indians, resigned to their harsh way of life, led by their deep respect for Mother Earth all living things, and sustained by a myriad myths, rites, traditions, and ceremonies. Indian Country tells us that the austere conditions in which the Tubatulabal people live did not rule out pleasure. They were known as “happy talkers’’ because their language so lilting and full of laughter.