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!! Historical Atlas Map of Tulare County

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The Thompson Historical Atlas Map of Tulare County is a fine example of a contemporary reprint of a historic county atlas. Originally published in 1892, the atlas is a marvelous representation of Tulare County's rich history, set in lithography and cartography.

DETAILS:262 pp, hardbound, 2006

AUTHOR: Thomas H. Thompson

ISBN: 1-892622-29-7

PRICE: $99.95

PRICE (including tax and shipping): $176.52

The section maps show not only property lines, but ownership as well. The atlas covers both Tulare and Kings Counties in California. Kings County had not yet separated from Tulare County (1896). This book is reproduced full size (14.5" x 15") with four 4-color maps. It is hardbound in a rich faux leather binding. It has over 260 pages of remarkable historical illustrations and maps. The original edition is exceptionally rare, as is a reprint from 1972. The Thompson Historical Atlas of Tulare County should be in every real estate and title office in both counties, as well as in research libraries across the United States.