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Mooney's Oak Grove

Mooney's Oak Grove 1906-2013 studies the history of the Oak Groves as preserved by Michael Mooney.

DETAILS: 268 pages, hardbound.

AUTHOR: William Allen, 2003

ISBN 1-892622-20-3

PRICE: $29.95

PRICE (including tax and shipping): 37.77

Mooney’s Oak Grove is the story of Mooney Grove in Visalia, California. The grove started as part of a ranch between Visalia and Tulare owned by Michael Mooney. Mooney preserved a grove of oak trees on the ranch that became the Mooney Grove county park. Allen explored the ups and downs of park life, the wonders of the park’s spectacular art work, End of the Trail, and the Pioneer, as well as more little remembered features including a zoo. It is a wonderful volume that follows another book on Mooney’s life and times.